Delighted to have been entertaining the guests at Lisa Cannon and Richard Keatley’s wedding in Florence, Italy!

Usually I’m nervous about outdoor events but not this one!

The last (ish!) song of the night.

Amazing crowd, the groom was missing for a few moments but you can tell when he got to his bride!

You have to love an enthusiastic crowd, especially when they decide en masse to sing from the DJ!!

Needless to say this was an outstanding wedding. Small crowd but what they lacked in numbers they made up for in energy!

Wedding at the Meyrick Hotel in Galway.

How could you not smile with a crowd like this!

No stopping them, even after the lights came on!!


Here is a selection of videos put together using a phone at various events.

It certainly won’t win any prizes for cinematography, but it is honest!

This also shows some of some of the standard equipment that’s used.