Post Covid-19 bookings.

Planning an event is challenging to say the least at the best of times, it’s generally not something you do every week!

But at the moment it’s frustrating and possibly upsetting as you watch the weeks and months go by and you have to postpone or worse, cancel your selected date.

With the announcement of a vaccine for Covid-19, we are all hopeful that 2021 will see weddings and parties return to our lives.

Whilst this is not a guarantee by any means, is it time to start looking ahead and planning your big day?

In short, yes!

It’s inevitable that there will be a huge upsurge in weddings as soon as normality resumes and added to that, all of the people that had to cancel in 2020 will be looking to re-plan their weddings as well!

As a general rule, if you find a service you are happy with, book it!

Most service providers such as DJ’s, church singers, photographers etc can only do one event any given day, and once that service is booked you have to start the search all over again…